TerpTastick Double Shot - Key Lime Pie

TerpTastick Double Shot - Key Lime Pie

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Your Summer of Fun

If your idea of a great day cruizing the boardwalk near the ocean involves more pedaling than naping under the cabana, then you need a TerpTastick Double Shot of Key Lime Pie. The exquisite blend of terpenes empowers your cells to propel your body safely to a #terpified life. The Key Lime Pie Terptastick Double Shot is there for you when you need it most. The TerpTastick Double Shot of Key Lime Pie is a delectable terpene harmony of limy citrus and warm, fresh from the oven pie. Chilled to perfection to satisfy your cravings for warm weather and sunshine — no matter where you are.

#terpified when you are

With a blend of natural hemp and terpenes, this revitalizing cannabinoid-infused beverage will rapidly enter your body to exhilarate you for the rest of your day. Whether body surfing the waves or surfing the internet, your cells will thank you for this focused deliciousness. Your body empowers your cells to produce this energy without caffeine. The Double Shot of TerpTastick terpenes equals the overprocessed bullish monster of stars drinks found today. Give your pallet a vacation from the hours of the ordinary and grab a bottle or three for your next adventure, and stock up with a Neopolitan case. Take one or all three of your favorite TerpTastick Double Shots to a #terpified life. Go out and get #terpified!